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Lake Königssee and "St. Bartholomä"

Pilgrimage Church "St. Bartholomä" - Onion domed tower as famous landmark of Lake Königssee.

The castle and Schloss and pilgrimage church "St. Bartholomä" were found by the "Fürstpropstei Berchtesgaden" in the year 1134. In 1522 the former "Basilica Chunigesse" was sacred for the "Heilige Bartholomäus" -  patron saint of the mountain pastures and shepherds. In the 18th centurey the summer- und huting lodge was modified.  Nowadays you find a restaurant at this location. 

After Berchtesgaden has been integrated to the district of Bavaria in 1810, the chruch St. Bartholomew has become the most favored residence of the Bavarian kings. This worldwide noted pilgrimage, situated in front of the mountain Watzmann place has always inspired numerous painters since the Romantic period. 

Nowadays, the church still is the place for weddings, church services and concerts with clerical music.

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