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Whitsun in Berchtesgaden

Celebration of the Holy Spirit

50 days after Eastern, Whitsun if celebrated in Berchtesgaden. It`s a very important holiday especially in the Bavarian Alps. Since 16th Century miners of Berchtesgaden Salz Mine celebrate Whit-Monday in the city center with a historical pageant. - The "Bergknappenjahrtag". Miners and locals participate wearing their traditional folkloric costumes.


The evening before, you can listen to the orchestra of the miners in the city center of Berchtesgaden. There will be a concert just in front of the impressive scenery of the Royal Castle with many musical highlights. However the next day starts very early. On Whit-Monday for miners mornings start at 6:30 with an assembly 200 meter deep in the Salt Mine of Berchtesgaden (Kaiser-Franz Sinkwerk). Subsequently the procession of the miners takes place followed by many visitors and spectators. Having arrived at the church "Stiftskirche" people pray together. After church services various restaurants welcome you to take a rest!

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