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Eastern in Berchtesgaden

Eastern in Berchtesgaden goes back to Catholic faith and old tradition.

Before Eastern arrives, various preparations have to be done. Willow arms are cut and tied together to create "Palmbuschen". They are ornamented with colorful wood shaving.

On Palm Sunday, those wooden sticks are blessed in different churches around the region of Berchtesgaden. It´s an important custom for the locals of Berchtesgaden. Farmers put the wooden arms on their fields, give them as presents to relatives and friends. Children usually carry them to the church and relatives and it´s a custom to give them a little present like some sweets or pocket money.

At this time normally the landscape is still covered with snow and this custom symbolizes spring break by bringing some color in the scenery and the beginning of Eastern in Berchtesgaden. During the holy week especially in Berchtesgadem many locals go to church with their folkloric costumers. Food is blessed in the church during Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday. Afterwards all family members go home to have traditional Easter breakfast with the blessed meal.

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