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Eagle´s Nest

Our hotel lies underneath the world famous Eagle’s Nest, also called Kehlsteinhaus

The Eagle’s Nest was built between 1937 and 1938 in the middle of the Berchtesgaden Alps. The NSDAP party placed the order and the house was meant to be the representation building of Adolf Hitler. The house lies on a height of 1834 m at sea level. The construction period of one year ended in 1938. Nowadays the restaurant of Eagle’s Nest is rented by private hand and is managed by the tourism region of Berchtesgaden/Königssee.

Since 1952 the Eagle’s Nest/ Kehlsteinhaus on the Obersalzberg is accessible for the public and general tourism and in the meanwhile it has become a highlight for tourists of Upper Bavaria with more than 300.00 visitors per year. Over there great history meet a wonderful view into the mountain scenery of Berchtesgaden Alps from the Eagle’s Nest platform. Visitors have a fantastic view upon various mountains, like the Watzmann, the Hochkalter, the Untersberg, and Lake Königssee and to the city of Salzburg. These are various reasons for its popularity. Visitors can go on a hiking tour (2 to 3 hours tour) or take a lift (41 second to the top and 124 m difference).

You can reach the Eagle’s Nest starting from our hotel only in a short period of time.

Opening times:

The Eagle´s Nest is open from early in May to 31st of October.
The first ascent to the Eagle´s Nest starts at 08:55 o´clock.

After the bus run at an interval of 25 minutes. The last ascent to the Eagle´s Nest starts at 16:00 o´clock and the last descent from the Eagle´s Nest at 16:50 o´clock.

Ticket prices to Eagle´s Nest:

Bus inclusive elevator for adults € 15,50 per person
children to 14 years € 9,00 per person

Important information:

By extremely weather events for example: snowfall or storm you must counted among with failures of the buses.

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