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"Buttnmandl Lauf " in Berchtesgaden

From "Buttnmandl" to "Kramperl"

Every year on 5th and 6th December the famous "Buttnmandl Lauf" takes plays.
Mysterious creatures wrapped with straw and fur move from house to house in Berchtesgaden. This tradition goes back to the Celtic times and means, that Butt almond bless farmers' fields and prevent natural catastrophes, that could damage their harvest. 

Fearsome wooden masks

The weird "Buttnmandl" are wrapped in straw and wear fearful wooden masks. The noisy cowbells, fixed on the "Buttnmandl`s" back complete the perfect weird look of these creatures. The "Buttnmandl Lauf" is kept together by the "Kramperl", that are also dressed in fur and wooden masks. Furthermore they have to follow Santa Claus' instructions. The "Kramperl" carry a wooden a rod that gets so many feel a blow to the legs if they come too close.

You should not miss the event of  the "Buttnmandl Lauf". Please send a room request to our hotel in Berchtesgaden.

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