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Country Theatre of Comedy

A visit in the country theatre of Berchtesgaden is always interesting and great fun

In the 17th century farmers used to play on the stage as main actors. In the beginning the plays contained simple dialogues of biblical persons, later multicolor scenery and equipment was added on the stage. Nowadays the plays are made of worldwide topics. N former times, witches, thieves and knights formed primary focus. Not until tourism has started in Berchtesgaden and the turn of century has taken place the main topics of plays changed to comedy, farce and droll story.

So much the country theatre of comedy war founded at this time, one has played in hotels and restaurants and today the theatre take place in its own building - the first German country theatre with its own building. TV, Radio and broadcast undertake lot of marketing effort to promote this place.

Very famous stage plays are as follows:
"Opa macht Dummheiten", "Die drei Dorfheiligen", "Die hölzerne Jungfrau", "Heiratsfieber" and "Der Vatertag".

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