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Mountain-Meadow in Berchtesgaden

"Summer is over" and meadow on Lake Königsseee?

After summer the traditional ceremonial driving down the cattle from the mountains over lake Köigssee takes place. On 3rd October, cattle returns from Salet-and Fischunkelalm and are taken by boat over the lake. This event takes place in Schönau next to Berchtesgaden and is a unifique and famous event wih many visitiors. If nothing happend to the anaimals or people during summer time, the cattle is decorted with so called "Fuikln" before the herd is taken back to Berchtesgaden on St. Bartholomäus day (24th August). "Fuikln" is a traditional head ornament of high quality for cattle. The head ornament is manufactured by dairymaids with colourful ribbons. 

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