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Active holidays in the Region of Berchtesgaden

Innumerable possibilities within the Bavarian countryside and around Lake Königssee

It always has been something special... be a guest in the region of Berchtesgaden. It is a result out oft the unique landscape, suitable for sport and leisure activities, the unspoiled national park, overlapped by the legendary Watzmann and crowned by the mysterious Lake Königssee.

In Berchtesgaden our guests have infinite options to create active holidays.

A peasant country that the lord has created in sunday

Summer vacations in Berchtesgaden

Summer vacations in Berchtesgaden

Winter in Berchtesgaden

Winter in Berchtesgaden



Summer vacations

In summer times you go hiking over wild and romantic mountain pastures, do rock climbing to hidden areas and find some Edelweiss. Further activities like rafting in narrow canyons on wild water towards valley or playing golf in the Obersalzberg area wait for you. Spending summer holidays in Berchtesgaden is the right thing for nature lovers and man of pleasure and a superlative of a holiday destination.

Winter vacations

Enjoy your winter holidays in powder snow in the Berchtesgaden skiing area of the Jenner or on one of many different cross-country skiing slopes in and around Berchtesgaden and Schönau. Do some ski touring trough snowy mountain landscape or Bavarian curling with your friends and visit the bobsleigh championship at Lake Königssee.

For further information about various activities please

We offer

  • 2 Bowling Alleys
  • Indoor Swimming Pool, Sauna
  • Table tennis

Just next to us...

You find a tennis club, the salt mine of Berchtesgaden and the „Almbachklamm“ and many other sightseeing places.

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