Hiking Holidays in Berchtesgaden

Majestic Mountain world – The Alps around the region of Berchtesgaden are perfect place for spending hiking holidays, go hiking and rock climbing.

Gorgeous panoramic views from various peaks justify sometimes any efforts reaching the top.

Where to go exactly?

E.g. the mountain Hochkalter, the Watzmann, Staufen and various other mountains invite you to many excursions during your hiking holidays in Berchtesgaden.

There is something for everybody

Berchtesgaden also is suitable for small tours. Especially recommendable is the” Malerwinkl-Rundweg” at Lake Königssee. The Lake Königssee is the starting point of this gorgeous trail. Before the start of your hiking tour you can park your car at the car park of Lake Königssee.

With a total walk of one hour this regions is convenient to old and young wanderers. Enjoy your hiking tour with great prospects towards Berchtesgaden and the Lake Königssee.

Therefore our hotel is a perfect starting point for many mountains and hiking tours in the middle of the Alps of Berchtesgaden.

The Hiking Paradise

What locals already are aware of is not a secret advice for our tourists:
The countryside of Berchtesgaden is a hiking paradise.

Thousands of tourists are attracted every year to Upper Bavaria. In Berchtesgaden nature still remains original and unspoiled like it should be: Berchtesgaden Flowering meadows, mountain streams rippling to the valleys, ringing of cow bells and the cowing of cocks belong to our every day life.

The magical nature invites you for leisure activities. You can do it by hiking, mountaineering or biking: There a suitable tours in the country of Berchtesgaden for everybody and all interests – for instance a tour to the Wimbachgrieshütte, a tour around the Untersberg, to the Zwieselalm or a tour around the Weißbach.

Decide yourself, if you prefer a comfortable tour or a high alpine mountaineering tour. There are plenty of possibilities in and around Berchtesgaden. Our Seimler Team welcomes you to give any advice for the planning of your program."

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